Company info: Uulatuote

Uulatuote makes traditional natural paints with over 35 years of experience. We want to make sure that you use paints that are environmentally sound, safe and easy to use

Reflects the Finnish nature and pastoral landscape

Uula paints blend beautifully with the Scandinavian nature. The traditional Red Earth Paint is a part of the finnish landscape and continues to be an excellent choice of paint. 

All paints are made using natural ingredients and genuine pigments.

Nurmo 1975 and representative Arto Uunila

The story of Uulatuote began in 1975 in Nurmo, when paint manufacturer Winter Ltd representative Arto Uunila resigned and established Väri-Vinkki with his family. Shortly after Arto started to boil red earth paint along with his son and wife and soon the small workshop turned into a traditional paint company.
Uulatuote Ltd was established 1978.  

When the paint philosopher Uunila retired in 1992 his son Jouni Uunila became CEO. During the years 1992-2010 Jouni expanded the product range of Uulatuote and oversaw the company's rise from a small paint shop to where it is today.

Nowadays Uulatuote is run by Sari Uunila, Arto Uunila's daughter.