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Our natural oil-based paints are plastic-free, water-based, odourless and fast-drying. With Uula paints it is easy and quick to change the look of your home with little disturbance to everyday life. Odourless painting is pleasant and safe for the whole family and while the paint dries, all that evaporates into the indoor air is water. Thus Uula paints have the highest M1 emission classification in building materials. They are also extremely washable and wear-resistant.

The colours chosen for Uula colour range are nature’s own rich shades and tones. The colours of our Traditional Colour Chart have their roots in genuine earth pigments that our planet has been producing for millenia. These colours are deep, rich and rounded. Use the electronic colour charts for planning and designing, but we recommend you make final colour choices from printed colour charts, which you can order from us by post.