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Artisan paint for the well-being of people and nature

It is important to us that both the home painted with our paints and its inhabitants are healthy and happy. We’ve been making breathable, plastic-free paints for over 40 years. We respect tradition and knowledge gained through experience, and we believe that breathable paints based on natural oils have been the best solution for wooden surfaces for centuries both indoors and outdoors. That’s why we continue making and developing them wholeheartedly.

Artisan paint for the well-being of people and nature – Uula Color

Uula Color is a Finnish family company, that makes traditional natural paints with over 40 years of experience. All Uula products are made with renewable natural oils, which makes them plastic-free and breathable. In addition, the water-based interior paint range is odourless, accredited with the best M1 emissions class for building materials. By using Uula products you can be sure, that you are using natural, safe, and easy-to-use paint suited to interior and exterior surfaces of your home. Surfaces painted with Uula are durable and washable.

The traditional colour range of Uula paints are made with natural, genuine earth pigments. The colour scheme has been designed to suit the Finnish landscape and mentality. Traditional Nordic paints are a part of the Finnish countryside historically as well as in modern times.

The story of Uulatuote

The story of Uulatuote began in 1975 in Nurmo, when paint manufacturer Winter Ltd representative Arto Uunila resigned and established Väri-Vinkki with his family. Shortly after that Arto started to cook traditional red earth paint along with his son and wife and soon the small workshop turned into a traditional paint company. Uulatuote Ltd was established 1978.

The 1970s saw the rise of acrylic and latex paints, and traditional linseed oil paints and cooked earth paints nearly vanished from the market. Uula paints were developed to meet the needs of restauration. The red earth paint was soon accompanied by linseed oil paint as well as interior paints.

When the paint philosopher Uunila retired in 1992 his son Jouni Uunila became CEO. Jouni has expanded the product range of Uulatuote and overseen the company’s rise from a small paint shop to where it is today. A range of water-based interior paints were introduced in 2008, and Uulatuote changed its name to Uula Color in 2018. Nowadays the company employs 15 employees, headed by CEO Susan Äijälä.