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Instructions of use for Uula Wood Oil

Instructions of use for Uula Wood Oil. Uula Wood Oil is a traditional exterior wood treatment oil made with cold pressed and boiled linseed oil. Wood Oil is suited to new and old untreated surfaces as well as surfaces treated with products that do not form an impermeable coating. It is ideal for log and board walls, terraces, jetties, window frames, wooden stairs and railings, wooden outdoor furniture and wooden boats. It can also be used on old impregnated wood as well as to impregnate wood with.

Instructions of use for Uula Wood Oil

The colour of the surface material needs to be taken into account when choosing colours for the product. With translucent treatments the roughness of the material, the variety of wood, the previous colour and quality of the treatment affects the end result. The final colour is attained once the surface has fully dried. We recommend testing the oil on a separate but similar piece of material in advance. Stir the Wood Oil thoroughly before and during use. Reserve and mix enough stain for large surfaces to avoid potential colour variation in different batches. Make sure to treat cross-sectional open ends of timber also with care.

Application & conditions for treatment

We recommend using a paint brush, a ceiling paint brush or submersion. The surface to be treated has to be dry, (the humidity level of the wood less than 15 %, the relative air humidity below 80 %) and the air temperature a minimum of +10°c. Do not use the product in the rain or in direct sunlight, or on surfaces heated by the sun. Thinly applied, the surface is touch dry in approximately 5-8 hours and ready for re-treating in 24 hours. Submerged surfaces take significantly longer to dry, a minimum of 3 days. Dense or newly planed surfaces slow down the drying process notably.

Preparation & Treating the surface

Clean the surface of dust. Wash dirty surfaces with Uula Washing Agent, mouldy surfaces with Uula Mould Wash. Remove any old flaky wood treatment product with a wire brush or a scraper.  New planed surfaces need to be roughened or let weather for 1-2 years prior to treatment, in which case we recommend washing the surface with Uula Mould Wash before applying the product. Because Uula Wood Oil is translucent, no primer is used.

Treating the surface: Apply two coats of wood oil, allowing the surface to dry between treatments. For maintenance treatments we recommend using the same colour or a slightly darker shade. If any oil remains unabsorbed on the surface, wipe it off with a lint free cloth before it dries.

Impregnating timber by brush application: Apply Uula Wood Oil 1-4 times leaving an hour between treatments. Surfaces exposed to heavy use or weather are recommended an additional 1-2 treatments after 24 hours at the earliest.

Impregnating timber by submersion: Submerge timber cut to the correct lengths into Uula Wood Oil. Allow to soak from a few minutes to a few hours depending on use. Drain any extra oil off and smooth any remaining drips with a brush. Leave to dry on a rack or on battens.

Additional information

Coverage: Smooth planed surfaces 10 m2/l, rough sawn surfaces 6 m2/l.

Thinner: Uula Oil Paint Thinner

Cleaning of equipment: Clean tools with Uula Universal Thinner and finish off with sopa and water straight after finishing the treatment.

Storage and prevention of environmental impact: Storage in cool and dry. Empty, clean packaging can be recycled. All liquid waste must be taken to a hazardous waste collection point.

Take care of the maintenance of your exterior surfaces. For the durability of the treatment and well-being of the wood it is worth cleaning and re-treating surfaces at regular intervals.