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Painting Instructions for Uula Nordic Paint

Painting Instructions for Uula Nordic Paint. Nordic Paint is a genuine earth paint made with flour, boiled linseed oil and earth pigments, and cooked using the traditional methodology. Also known as Falun Red, Nordic Paint is suited to new untreated sawn timber and old timber previously treated with Nordic Paint. It is also suited to planed log and board (please see instructions of use). It is not suited to impregnated wood or surfaces previously painted with oil or alkyd-based paints.

Painting Instructions for Uula Nordic Paint

Reserve enough paint for large surfaces to avoid potential colour variations in different batches. The paint must always be stirred well before and during use. Check the colour before painting. Test the paint on a separate piece of wood and wait for the paint to dry for true colour. Paint also the cross-sectional open ends of timber carefully. If for some reason one coat of paint is not sufficient, paint a second coat with Uula Nordic Paint thinned by 50 %.  If you apply two un-thinned layers of paint, the paint might peel off.

Application and conditions

The surface needs to be dry, the relative air humidity must be below 95% and the temperature above 0°C. Avoid painting in the rain, in direct sunshine or on surfaces heated by the sun. At 20°C and < 80 % relative humidit touch dry in 1–2 hours. During a hot summer, the surface to be painted might be too dry. You can wet the surface with water 12–24 hours before painting. Paint using a paint brush, ceiling paint brush or high pressure paint spray. We recommend using a paint brush. Dry overcast weather is best for painting.

Preparation & finishing

Brush off all dust. Wash dirty surfaces with Uula Paint Washing Agent and mouldy ones with Uula Mould Cleaning Agent. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Untreated sawn timber
Preparation: As per instructions or if you want to prime the timber prior to fixing on the wall, use Nordic Paint with Uula Anti-Mould Agent at  1:1 ratio. Painting: Apply a single coat with generous amounts of paint.

Previously painted timber
Preparation: Remove flaky, powdery old Nordic Paint off the surface. If you want to change colours, you need to remove as much of the old Nordic Paint as possible, with a pressure washer for example. Allow the surface to dry thoroughly prior to painting. Use Uula Washing Agent for dirty surfaces and Uula Mould Wash for mouldy ones as per instructions. Treat the surface with Uula Anti-Mould Agent. Painting: Apply a single coat using paint generously.

Spray painting: Prepare as per instructions depending on the type of surface to be painted. Thin Nordic Paint approximately 30% with Uula Anti-Mould Agent. Note that the earth pigments in the paint may cause the sprayer more wear than usual. The size of the nozzle needs to be a minimum of 0.4 mm. Paint a single coat. We recommend levelling the paint with a ceiling painting brush.

New planed log or board surfaces

Option 1. New planed log or board surfaces can be painted with a single coat of Nordic Paint thinned with Uula Anti-Mould Agent at 1:1 ratio. A second coat may be painted a year later at the earliest.

Option 2. New planed log or board surfaces are sanded rough with sand paper. The roughened surface is treated with Uula Anti-Mould Agent as per instructions, and painted once with Nordic Paint using generous amounts of paint.

Option 3. New planed log or board surfaces are treated with Uula Anti-Mould Agent. The surface is left to roughen for 1-2 years, after which a single, generous coat of Nordic Paint is applied. Prior to painting, clean the surface or re-treat with Anti-Mould Agent if necessary.

To note

Do not use smooth-headed nails, such as electro-galvanized nails to attach boards because the paint comes off them.

If white crystals appear on the surface after the paint has dried, it will be the salts of the iron sulfate. They will disappear with time and cause only an aesthetic problem. They can be washed off with water and a soft brush.

Some residue of iron sulfate may come off in the rain, potentially dyeing materials underneath it the colour of rust

Additional information

Coverage: 3–5 m2/L

Thinner: Uula Nordic Paint does not generally require thinning. If necessary, use Uula Anti-Mould Agent. Uula Nordic Paint can also be thinned with water 5-10 %.

Cleaning of equipment: Wash the equipment with soap and water immediately after you have finished painting.

Storage & disposal: Do not allow to freeze. Keep in a dry and cool place (over +2°C). Unopened containers keep well for a few years, opened ones for 3-4 months. Dry and empty containers can be recycled. Liquid waste must be taken to a municipal hazardous waste collection point.