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Painting instructions for Uula Primer

Painting instructions for Uula Primer. Uula Primer is a water-based, breathable, fast-drying exterior oil paint that improves the adhesion of paint. Uula Primer is suited to priming new wood and log surfaces as well as priming bare patches of previously painted surfaces prior to painting. We recommend the product to be used with Uula Linseed Oil Paint ja Uula Semi-Matt Linseed Oil Paint. Uula Primer is not suited to use with Nordic Paint or translucent paints.

Painting instructions for Uula Primer

Application and painting conditions

Mix the paint thoroughly before and during painting. For large surfaces, mix a sufficient batch in one container to avoid potential variation in shade. Check the colour with a test on a separate piece of wood. The surface must be dry (moisture content of the wood below 15 %), the relative air humidity must be below 80 % and the temperature at least +5° C. Do not paint in the rain, in direct sunlight or surfaces heated by the sun. The paint is touch dry in approximately 30 minutes and ready for a re-coat in about 6 hours. (+20°C and <80 % relative air humidity). Paint brush or high-pressure sprayer. With a high-pressure sprayer use a 0.5 mm nozzle and thin the paint up to 10% if necessary.



Untreated surfaces: Clean the surface of dust. Wash dirty surfaces with Uula Washing Agent and mouldy surfaces with Uula Mould Wash. Roughen smooth newly planed surface by sanding to ensure good adhesion. Remove any sap from the wood before painting. When painting loose boards on a horizontal surface, you can thin the paint with water by 15%. Let the paint dry for at least 6 hours before the next coat.

Previously painted surfaces: Clean the surface of dust. Remove any flaky paint with a scraper or a sander, as thoroughly as possible. Thick layers of paint can be removed effectively with Uula Paint Remover. Sand weather worn loose wood fibre off the surface. Wash dirty surfaces with Uula Washing Agent and mouldy surfaces with Uula Mould Wash. Prime bare patches of wood with Uula Primer. Treat other surfaces with Uula Anti-Mould Agent a minimum of 24 hours prior to applying the paint for top coat.

Top coat: Follow the instructions for the chosen paint type.

Additional information

Coverage: Planed surfaces 8–12 m2/l, rough sawn surfaces 6–8 m2/l.

Thinner: Water

Cleaning of equipment: Clean all tools straight after finishing painting with soap and water.

Storage & prevention of environmental impact: Store in a dry, cool place. The product does not tolerate freezing temperatures. Empty and dry tins can be recycled. All liquid waste must be taken to a hazardous waste collection point.

Take care of the cleanliness of your painted exterior surfaces. For the durability of the paint and the wood underneath, it is worth cleaning and maintaining the surface regularly.