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Frequently asked questions

Usein kysytyt kysymykset -sivulle olemme keränneet asiakkaidemme kysymyksiä sekä vastauksemme niihin. Olemme jakaneet kysymykset tuotteiden mukaisesti.

Why should I choose a traditional oil paint for exterior surfaces?

Surfaces painted with Uula oil paints breathe, which means that the water vapor is free to move through the paint layers. Surfaces painted with plastic-based paints do not allow water vapor to pass through, so if moisture can get through from the crack of paint or through another way, moisture cannot evaporate through the dense surface, and it will break the wood and remove the paint.

Can I use Uula Linseed Oil Paint or Uula Matt Linseed Oil Paint on top of an old latex-paint surface?

You can use both types of paint on top of a latex-paint surface (paint containing plastic binders) if you carefully remove all peeling and flaking old paint.

Which paint is better to use on exterior surfaces, Uula Matt Linseed Oil Paint or Uula Linseed Oil Paint?

Both paints have their advantages and the choice depends entirely on the surface type you are going to paint. A surface painted with Linseed Oil Paint is shinier and harder. It is slightly more durable in harsh weather conditions than Matt Linseed Oil Paint. However, Linseed Oil Paint requires patience and experience when painting, since the paint coat can wrinkle when it dries, if the paint coat is too thick. Matt Linseed Oil Paint is easier to apply, and it covers with only one coat of paint while maintaining the beautiful and high-quality finish. Advantages in using Linseed Oil Paint is that the coverage is bigger. It does not contain much solvent.

Linseed Oil Paint is suitable especially for culturally valuable buildings, such as churches and mansions, while preserving their beautiful appearance. Uula Linseed Oil Paint is always slightly darker than Matt Linseed Oil Paint due to the shinier surface. Linseed Oil Paint is good for light surfaces, since the dirt does not stick to the shiny surface easily. Then again, the matt finish of Matt Linseed Oil Paint can be more suitable for the surfaces of previously painted log houses. It is more porous and dries faster.

Can I use Uula Linseed Oil Paint on top of an old Uula Matt Linseed Oil Paint surface? What about the other way around?

You can paint the old Uula Matt Linseed Oil Paint surface with Uula Linseed Oil Paint. If the surface is however painted with Uula Linseed Oil Paint, we recommend using  Uula Linseed Oil Paint also in the future.

Do I need to apply Uula Anti-Mould Agent to the surface before painting with Uula Exterior Primer? How do I know which product to use?

There is no need to use both products at the same time. If the surface is treated with Uula Exterior Primer, you do not need to use Uula Anti-Mould Agent. If you are painting a new, untreated wooden surface with Uula Linseed Oil Paint or Uula Matt Linseed Oil Paint, we recommend priming the surface with Uula Exterior Primes. Uula Exterior Primer improves the adhesion of the paint and gives extra coverage. It also works as Anti-Mould agent and prevents the surface from moulding. In other cases, we recommend using Uula Anti-Mould Agent.

Can I use Uula Matt Linseed Oil Paint on top of an old Uula Nordic Paint surface?

Yes, you can. But careful groundwork must be taken into consideration. We recommend you follow these steps: 1. Wash the old Nordic paint surface thoroughly with pressure washer. If you do not have a pressure washer, use a wire brush, and wash the surface with water and with for example Uula-Paint washing agent. The aim is to remove most of the Nordic paint from the surface to ensure the adhesion of the new Matt Linseed Oil Paint surface. If there is mould in the surface, use Uula Mould Washing Agent when washing the surface. 2. Let the surface dry for 24 hours and after this prime the surface with Uula Anti-Mould Agent. You can apply the product to the surface by for example with a garden hose. A thin layer is enough. Let the surface dry for another 24 hours. 3. Thin Uula Matt Linseed Oil Paint 20 % with Uula Wood Oil and paint the surface with one thick coat.

How long does the Uula Nordic Paint remain in opened and in unopened cans?

Nordic paints remains unopened for couple of years. Once the can is opened, the paint only remains fresh for few days. The opened can should be stored in cool area. Nordic paint can freeze, so an unopened can should be stored in warm area in winter time.

Black spots have appeared to the painted surface. Do I need to re-paint the surface?

Pollen, air pollutants, dirt and mould spores affect the fouling and moulding of the wood surfaces. Re-painting of the dirty or mouldy surface is rarely necessary, since usually washing the surfaces is enough. Read more from our article:

Can I mix Uula Anti-Mould Agent into paint?

Uula Anti-Mould Agent cannot be mixed into oil based paints, since the Anti-Mould Agent is water-soluble. Uula Anti-Mould Agent is applied by paint brush or by spraying it to the exterior surfaces before painting.

Uula Nordic Paint however can be thinned with Uula Anti-Mould Agent, when for example the boards are being painted separately. More painting instructions can be found from our website and from our product data sheets.

Can I send you a picture that shows the colour I desire?

Unfortunately, we cannot tint paint based on a picture. The easiest way is to send us the colour code of the desired colours from our colour charts or, if possible, colour codes of other manufacturers colour charts. You can also send a colour sample to use by post. The colour sample can be a piece of the old paint surface or a painted piece of wood or something other alike.

Can Uula Anti-Mould Agent be applied to previously painted surfaces?

Uula Anti-Moulding Agent is suitable for all surfaces painted with common paints. Please note, that the Anti-Mould agent might not absorb or stick to hard and shiny surfaces. Before applying the Anti-Mould Agent we advise you to remove all peeling and flaky old paint as thoroughly as possible with a wire brush and wash the surface from dust and dirt.

In which direction do I paint Uula Matt Linseed Oil Paint or Uula-Linseed Oil Paint? From the top to the bottom or the other way around? How about when painting with Uula Roslags Mahogany?

From top to bottom and if possible, the same direction as the boards or logs. Roslags mahogany should always be applied to the same directions as the grains of the tree, starting from the top of the wall.

Can I use any type of paint on top of surfaces painted with Roslags Mahogany?

If it has been at least a year since the last Roslags Mahogany treatment, Uula Matt Linseed Oil Paint and Uula Linseed Oil Paint can be used on top of the surface. If the surface has been treated with two coats of Roslags Mahogany, you should wait at least for two years before re-painting.

Can I spray Roslags Mahogany to the surface?

You can spray the paint on to the surface, but the surface must be smoothed out with a paint brush after spraying, in the direction of the board and preferably reach the head with one stroke. This way the outcome will be even.

Why can I not use colours Misteli and Sini for exterior surfaces?

Bright colours, such as green and blue, will fade quickly because of ultraviolet radiation.

How does Uula Oil Paint Thinner 1166 or Uula Universal Thinner differ from each other?

Uula Oil Paint Thinner 1166 contains approximately 33 % of boiled linseed oil in which case thinning oil paint does not reduce the amount of binders too much, thus the paint can be thinned quite generously. Uula Universal Thinner is completely volatile solvent (aromatic-free hydrocarbon solvent).

What should I take into consideration when painting with Uula Linseed Oil Paint?

It is very important to paint Uula Linseed Oil Paint tightly with thin layers. It is good to thin the paint enough on the first layer. If the paint coat is too thick it may wrinkle when drying. Choosing the right painting equipment will ensure the best outcome. For example, equipment’s meant for exterior use for latex paints are not suitable for oil paints. You should choose a good quality paint brush, which is robust and dense natural bristle brush. Usually it’s not recommended to use wider than 100 mm brush.

From which colour chart can I choose the colours for Uula Interior Paints?

Uula Interior Paints can be tinted according to our Uula Interior Colour Chart and to most other common colour charts.

Can I paint on top of a wallpaper with Uula Interior Paint?

Yes, you can, if the wallpaper is neat and well attached to the wall. However, if the wallpaper is not stuck to the wall properly it can fall of or blister if water soluble Uula has been painted on top of it. We recommend removing the old wallpaper and after that paint the wall with Uula. A painted wallpaper is harder to remove from the wall than an unpainted one.

What paint I can use for painting wall panels in Sauna?

Uula Glazing Paint is suitable for damp areas. It can be used in the walls and roofs of the Sauna.