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Painting instructions for Uula Floor Paint

Painting instructions for Uula Floor Paint. Uula Floor Paint is suited to painting new and previously painted or varnished wooden floors, wood fibre board, skirting boards, furniture, doors and concrete floors in dry interior spaces. It can also be used in cold interior spaces. It is ideal for surfaces calling for durability.

Painting instructions for Uula Floor Paint

Stir the paint well before and during painting. Reserve and mix enough paint for large surfaces to avoid potential colour variation in different batches. Always choose colours in the space and lighting the paint is intended for. Lighting and gloss level of the paint affect the perception of colour. Paint a test patch on a separate piece of similar material to ensure the colour is correct. Please note that the paint attains its true colour once it has dried properly. Take care of the painting environment and protect untreated surfaces with masking tape, paper, cardboard or protective plastic.

Application & Conditions

The surface to be painted must be dry, the relative air humidity less than 80% and the temperature a minimum of +10°C. The paint is touch dry in approximately 6 hours and ready for a re-coat in 24 hours. The paint will continue to cure for another month. Low temperatures and lack of light slow down the drying process. We recommend painting with a paint brush, mohair roller or mohair paint pad, depending on the surface material and structure.  Avoid dragging heavy furniture on the painted surface.

Unpainted surfaces: Clean the surface of dust. Wash dirty surfaces with Uula Washing Agent following the instructions. Allow to dry thoroughly before painting. Level all cracks and holes with filler if necessary, and clean the surface after sanding. Prime new wood with Uula Floor Paint thinned by 20%. Paint 1-2 coats after priming. Thin with Uula Universal Thinner if necessary.

Old painted or varnished surfaces: Clean the surface of dust and dirt. Remove peeling and flaky old paint with a scraper and sand the surface. Thick old paint layers are easily removed with Uula Paint Remover. Wash dirty surfaces with Uula Paint Wash following the instructions. Allow to dry thoroughly before painting. Level all cracks and holes with filler if necessary. Remove sanding dust and clean the surface before painting. Prime with a thin coat of Uula Floor Paint thinned by 10% and let the surface dry. Paint 1-2 coats after priming, thin the paint if needed.

Additional information

Coverage: Approximately 10-12 m2/l depending on the roughness and porocity of the surface.

Thinner: Uula Universal Thinner

Cleaning of equipment: Clean all tools with Uula Universal Thinner and finish off with water and soap.

Storage and prevention of environmental impact: Storage in cool and dry. Empty, clean packaging can be recycled. All liquid waste must be taken to a hazardous waste collection point.

Treat all painted surfaces with care for the first month. Clean with soft cloths and sponges that do not scratch the surface. Use neutral washing agents only. Rinse the surfaces carefully. It is characteristic for light coloured oil paints to take on a yellowish tint in dark spaces over time. It is good to take this into consideration when selecting colours.