Uula Nordic Paint – traditional Falu Red

Alk. 32,02 

3–5 m2/ l

1–2 h

No thinning


Uula Nordic Paint is a traditional, natural paint for the exteriors of houses and outbuildings. Choose out of 8 different colours. Easy to apply, covers in a single coat.

Additional information

Uula Nordic Paint – A Traditional exterior paint cooked with earth pigments

Uula Nordic Paint, also known as Falu Red, is a traditional exterior paint made with genuine earth pigment, wheat flour and boiled linseed oil. The safe, fast-drying natural paint is easy to apply and covers in a single coat. The matt coating ages gracefully and allows the wood to breathe, keeping the wood structure healthy.

Uula Nordic Paint is designed for new and old exterior log and sawn timber surfaces. It is suited to untreated wood as well as surfaces previously painted with Nordic Paint. It can also be used for planed timber as long as the planed surface has been sanded rough or allowed to age a couple of years before painting to ensure adhesion. No priming is required for re-painting; all loose dirt is simply brushed off the surface and then repainted.

Coverage: 3–5 m2/L
Drying time: Tack free in 1–2 hours.
Thinner: Uula Nordic Paint does not generally require thinning. Uula Nordic Paint can also be thinned with Anti-Mould Agent 5-10 %.
Colours: Out of the eight available colours Italian Red, Falu Red and Yellow Ochre are the most popular.

Technical details

Gloss level: Matt.
Storage & disposal: Do not allow to freeze. Keep in a dry and cool place (over +2°C). Unopened container can last for a year and an opened one for 3-4 months. Dry and empty containers can be taken to a refuse dump. Liquid waste must be taken to a municipal hazardous waste collection point.

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