Uula Shellac


10 m2/l

5 min

½ h


A fast-drying natural resin varnish that protects from wood from moisture.

Additional Information

Uula Shellac

Uula Shellac is a natural fast-drying high-gloss varnish suited to various wooden surfaces, such as furniture, decorative items, wooden instruments etc. Traditionally it has been used to seal knots and stains in wood prior to painting.

Preparing shellac

  • Pour e.g. a covered jar half-full with flakes. Add methylated spirits to cover the flakes. (This mixing ratio is only indicative.)
  • Close the lid tightly and shake the jar a couple of times every hour until the varnish has dissolved completely.
  • If there is impurity, dirt or residue at the bottom of the jar, pour the varnish through a fine sieve to another jar.
  • Add methylated spirits (Sinol etc.) or shellac flakes to achieve desired viscosity.

Technical information, storage & disposal

Coverage: 10 m/ litre.
Colours: Dark.
Container sizes: Flakes 1 L.
Coverage: Approx. 10 m2/L.
Fire classification: Non-flammable.
Application & conditions:
Ordinary paint brush or mohair spatula.
The surface to be varnished must be dry, the wood having a moisture content below 15 %. The relative air humidity must be below 80 % and the temperature at least +15°C.
Drying time: Tack-free in approx. 5 minutes.
A new coat can be applied after 30 minutes at the earliest.
Cleaning of equipment: Clean the equipment with methylated spirits and rinse with soap and water.
Storage & Disposal
Keep in a cool and dry place away from ignition sources and inflammable materials. Dry
and empty containers can be taken to a refuse dump. Liquid waste must be taken to a municipal hazardous waste collection point.

Instructions for use

Clean any dust and dirt from the surface. Sand the surface to be treated with a fine abrasive paper or steel wool. Remove the dust. Apply 2–5 coats of the varnish with an ordinary paint brush or mohair spatula. Sand the surface and remove the dust between coats. Thin
with methylated spirits if necessary.

Points to note

The prepared solution of shellac flakes and methylated spirits is flammable.

In case of uncertainty, submit to the manufacturer of the paint or to a competent distributor before starting the painting process.

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