Uula Universal Thinner

Alk. 16,50 

A universal thinner for the thinning of interior paints, cleaning of equipment and removal of stains of pitch, tar, grease etc.

Additional information

Uula Universal Thinner – A thinner for solvent-based interior paints

Uula Universal Thinner is suited to thinning interior paints such as Uula Door and Window Paint, Floor Paint, Glasing Oil, Interior Oil Paint, oil-based decorative paints (e.g. marbling, graining etc.) and Uula Linseed Oil Paint. Also for the cleaning of equipment and removal of stains such as pitch, tar, grease etc. A less harmful alternative to white spirit and turpentine.

Storage & disposal

Keep in a cool and dry place. Keep out of the reach of children. Does not freeze. Dry and empty containers can be taken to a refuse dump. Liquid waste must be taken to a municipal hazardous waste collection point.

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