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Style your home to your unique taste

When you style your home to your own unique taste you make it a place that helps you relax and feel yourself in. Your personal quirks can flare out in interior design, and it’s worth tuning into your heart when styling your home. Instead of following trends religiously, use them as a source of inspiration and boldness to push yourself slightly beyond your comfort zone. You can change the look and atmosphere of your home just with textiles, natural materials and lighting. In the case of a more dramatic update, paint is an easier and faster solution than wallpaper in refreshing and transforming different spaces in the house. If, however, you can’t resist the latest trend, choose colours and materials for structures that are easy to change again and again.

Style your own look by recycling and upcycling

Combining old and new makes for a dynamic style and helps you create a unique look. Flea markets and charity shops are excellent sources of unusual pieces of furniture and decorative items for upcycling. Often one person’s waste is a treasure for someone else, whether it be between friends or in a online recycling exchange. Small objects such as vases, pictures, plant pots, glass bottles and textiles create a warm layered feel.

Re-ordering furniture and changing the location of a vase or a lamp can make you see them in a different light bringing out new and fresh features you never knew existed. The candle holders in the kitchen look completely different arranged amongst your collection of succulent plants in the living room. Not everything needs to be out at all times either, as re-discovered from the back of the cupboard and brought out things get a new life. Old furniture can be beautiful with the marks life has left on them, or they can be treated or painted to renew them. Choose the right paint for furniture to get as durable a finish as possible.

Interior design magazines and photos online are a brilliant source of ideas for combining colours and materials, but they are not the only way to style or define the look of your home. There is no wrong way to style a home. One likes a rich, layered, sumptuous look and a minimalist decor is a lifeline for another. Colours are also a question of taste.  Sometimes people sharing a home may have differing tastes, and both diplomacy and the eye for combining styles may be needed. Interior designers are happy to give advice and help in combining styles, colours and materials.

Styling with natural materials is an inexpensive and creative way to build ambiance

Natural materials go well together with many different styles. Branches, grasses, reeds, sand and stones are make for beautiful design elements. Pot plants bring colour, texture and cosy atmosphere. Favour strong, natural textiles such as linen, and introduce rattan or willow, perhaps woven by yourself. Autumn leaves are gorgeous as they are. Branches of bird cherry blossom or new birch leaves flood the house with smells of summer. Stones and branches can also be painted, as well as rattan furniture or woven baskets, if you want a splash of colour. There is a wealth of information on paint and painting on our website, as well as tips and ideas for small projects.

Homemade furnishings personalise your house as well as feature your skills

Wood is a stunning material that can be used natural or painted. With simple tools you can create a coat rack, a shelf or a giant ruler on the kids’ bedroom wall to celebrate the miracle of growth. Wooden boxes tidy away clutter or transform into shelving for books. Home sewn textiles, woven or crocheted rugs and furnishings bring in unique content; stories and memories. Wooden candle sticks found in the attic can be painted. String lights add a warm and soft touch to the darkness of autumn and winter nights. Only your imagination limits the look and feel of your home. Make your home yours with your own unique touch.