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Villa Sjökulla

Villa Sjökulla was originally brought to Porvoo, Finland from Terijoki – currently part of Russia – by merchant Leonard Simolin in 1850. The villa served as the summer residence of the Simolin family up until the beginning of the 1880’s when Simolin sold Villa Sjökulla to August Eklöf. Eklöf, originally a merchant himself, was one of the most powerful names in the sawmill industry in the Porvoo area and later across the whole of Finland. Eklöf had an extension made to the Villa in the 1890’s, designed by a renowned architect Theodor Höijer. Among other features, the extension included the tower and the decorative details of the house exterior, most of which are still in place today.

Eklöf’s family owned Villa Sjökulla up until the 1960’s and since then the villa has been resided by four different private owners. In the 1990’s the villa was turned into a year-round residence and it went through an extensive renovation. Original features such as ceilings, walls, fireplaces and windows were carefully renovated, utilizing traditional methods and materials. Each room has a different color-scheme and a unique atmosphere. All paints, both indoors and outdoors are from the Uula Color range. The current owners have wanted to restore and maintain the beauty of the 170-year-old Villa Sjökulla for generations to come.

Pink room/ Walls: Into Interior Paint (semi-matt) Pioni. Ceiling: Into Interior Paint (semi-matt) Höyhen, white. Window frames: Into Furniture Paint (semi-matt) Höyhen, white. Green room/ Walls: Into Interior Paint (semi-matt) Rypäle. Door and window frames: Into Furniture Paint (semi-matt) Höyhen, white. Ceiling: Uula Interior Oil Paint 00 Valkoinen, white

Purple room / Ceiling: Into Interior Paint (semi-matt) Höyhen, white. Walls: Into Furniture Paint (semi-matt) Villa. Floor Uula Floor Paint (semi-glossy) Sade. White room / Walls: Into Furniture Paint (semi-matt) Helmi, Pisara and Lehdykkä.