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Our plastic-free and natural oil-based paints are responsibly handcrafted in Finland. In all product and service purchases, we pay attention to ecology and we always make purchases primarily from Finnish product and service providers, as far as possible.

We care deeply about product safety, the health and environmental effects of manufacturing and use of our products, the well-being of our company’s employees, and the continuity of work opportunities and local products in Finland.

Uula Color paints are 100% plastic-free. Our paints have never contained plastic, and never will.

Plastic-free paints are a safe solution for your home and nature. Our Finnish hand-made paints follow over 40 years of tradition.

Ecology is the core value of Uula Color. Environmental work is all of our responsibility and we are constantly reducing the amount of waste by favouring recyclable materials. Ecological responsibility can be seen in our choice to use renewable ingredients, domestic and environmentally friendly products whenever possible.

Choose responsible paints for your home – choose Uula.